I still love you, I never stopped. I just stopped crying as much. I still have hope, because I believe in love and I still feel your connection and thoughts. I just know now that we would have to do things differently if you’re willing to take another shot at this.
bubba 01/14

It was a great and memorable 5+ years curating thewordrhythyhm.tumblr.com &
I’ve met so many wonderful people here throughout the years, and one in particular who will forever stand out :’(
Thank you, everyone, for your love and support throughout this past year during my troubled times. I still struggle today, but I’m sweeping everything under the rug and trying my best to move on.

To those who wish to stay in touch just leave a message in this inbox and I’ll receive it through my connected email. I might possibly let you in on my new .com

Peace, Love and gratitude,
Don L James

“I’d like to feel that you know I’m thinking of you and loving you always”

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